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Planning A Party? Why Serve Flavored Whiskey

If you're planning a party, don't settle on the same whiskey you serve every time. Take things up a notch and serve flavored whiskey instead. Flavored whiskeys let you serve something new to your guests. One of the best things about flavored whiskeys is that there's something for everyone's taste. Also, you can buy whiskey that's already flavored. Or, you can add your own flavors at the party. If you're not sure flavored whiskey is right for you, read the list below. Here are five reasons to serve flavored whiskey at your next party.

Enhance Natural Tones

If you want to serve something different for your guests, add flavor to your whiskey selections. You might not know it, but adding flavor can enhance the natural tones of the whiskey you serve. Add flavors like coffee, pumpkin spice, and cinnamon. That way, you can bring out the natural woodsy flavor of your whiskey. 

Give Your Shots a Kick

If you want to give your shots a kick this summer, now's the time to stock up on citrus flavors. Lemon, lime, and grapefruit flavors can give your whiskey a blast of flavor. You can also add a blast of flavor by adding cherry juice to your whiskey shots. If you want to energize your shots, add a touch of coffee to your whiskey. 

Offer Up a Flavor Bar

If you want to let your guests get creative with their whiskey, offer a flavor bar. Adding a flavor station will let your guests create their own unique whiskey flavors. When setting up your flavor station, don't forget to include plenty of fresh fruit. That way, your guests can squeeze the juice right into their whiskey glasses. If you plan to serve coffee-flavored whiskey, include flavors that complement the coffee. Add some fun by adding whipped cream to top off your coffee-flavored whiskey. 

Enjoy Smooth Drink

If you want to enhance the smooth flavor of your whiskey, add a touch of flavor. Some of your guests might not be ready for the full flavor of whiskey. Adding other flavors to the mix can make it easier for first-time drinkers to enjoy a shot of whiskey. 

Add a Signature

If you want your next party to be memorable, it's time to add your signature. Invite a mixologist to create a signature drink for your party. Flavored whiskeys will ensure that you get a one-of-a-kind drink for your party.