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Enjoy The Taste Of Lemons In These Beverages

Lemon is a popular flavor in all sorts of beverages, including iced tea, soft drinks, and flavored sparkling water. You might even enjoy adding a lemon wedge to a glass of tap water that you're drinking. When you're in the mood for an adult beverage and you're craving something with the sour notes of lemon, you have all sorts of options to consider. You'll see many different products for sale at your local liquor store. Some have a distinctly sour lemon taste, while others have both sour and sweet flavor notes. Here are some beverages to check out when you want a lemon flavor.

Hard Lemonade

For someone whose favorite everyday beverage is lemonade, it can be fun to try hard lemonade. This is a bottled drink that combines the familiar taste of lemonade with vodka. This is a popular summertime beverage that you'll find in virtually every liquor store. While a lot of people enjoy the standard version of this drink, you'll also find a large number of variations. For example, you'll see hard lemonade that features other flavor notes, including peach, berries, and more. Some companies even produce what is commonly known as extra hard lemonade, which has a higher volume of alcohol.

Lemon Gin

There are many different ways to drink gin, but a lot of people enjoy the simplicity of combining this beverage with tonic water and adding a twist of lemon. If you occasionally drink gin, you may want to shop for a bottle of lemon gin. While it offers the distinctive flavor notes of gin, you'll also notice a pronounced lemon flavor. This additional flavor can work well whether you're simply mixing gin with tonic water or are including it in a cocktail with several other liquids.

Lemon Liqueur

Your local liquor store also carries a number of different lemon liqueur products, any of which can be a good addition to your drink cabinet. This beverage, which often has a pronounced yellow color, has a strong lemon flavor. It's a valuable addition to a long list of mixed drinks, and many people also enjoy sipping this drink on its own — typically served very cold and enjoyed on a hot day. Lemon liqueur adds extra value because you can use it in cooking. It can work well with all sorts of desserts, and pairs especially well with homemade vanilla ice cream. Visit a liquor store in your area to shop for these and other lemon products.